Thursday, May 31, 2007

Looking through my pictures

I was looking through the pictures I took last night of my Twinklers. I found one that isn't too bad that shows off the cool colors pretty well. Don't mind the shadow in the middle. It was sunny. We have trees. Lots of trees. But I really think the shadow is me.

This is my collection of H20s. I love these paints so much! I bought one set of six, just to try them. I quickly amassed this many. I think I have 96 of them now. I put all but 12 into a spread sheet so I wouldn't buy duplicates.

So what did I explain with H20s already? You can paint on a piece of paper, let it dry, and emboss and get a very nice background. You can also emboss, then paint with them like a paint by numbers. I've seen some people who can actually watercolor like the pros. You can do that with Twinklers too, but I can't. I'm more of an "abstract artist", if you will. I can't draw and I can't paint a picture. But as I keep saying, I sure can make a beautiful mess!

Some other things I've done with these - painted silk flowers. I think there is at least one card in my SCS gallery that has a painted silk flower on it. It works very well. I put on three coats of the base color, then add the little details. I've also painted ribbon. That works as well as the flowers. Glossy card stock is interesting with watercolors on it, and even more so with the shimmer of H20s. When I'm painting like a coloring book on glossy card stock, the look is more artsy. The paint pools in interesting ways because the glossy card stock doesn't soak it up like matte does. So there is a shading effect that is random, and I think it's really cool.

I've also painted chipboard. That makes an awesome embellishment. The sparkle on chipboard is like adding glitter without the mess. I'm a shimmer fan. It makes me happy. What can I say? I'm pretty easy to please. My husband always told me I was a cheap date. It's why he married me. Little did he know that I'd take up stamping!

Oh, check out the picture of my dog, Brandy. She's our lapdog. All 6', 150 pounds of her!


~* Tracy *~ said...

Now I really really have to get me some Twinklers!! I'm just colour mad :) As well as stamping and cardmaking, I do pastel paintings too with proper artists pastels and have amassed probably more than 1000 pastels... Well, can't help it, I don't like having gaps in sets! hehehe!!
Think I'll go post a pastel painting on my blog now...
I love your beautiful Brandy-doggie. Such sweet eyes :)

Nancy Grant said...

Wow!!! I've never used them before. They look like fun though.

Texas Girl said...

I love my Twinkling H20's! I have been looking for some great storage for them, though and haven't been able to find it. Where did you get the boxes for them?