Thursday, June 14, 2007

Ever get an eerie feeling?

I have this very sneaking suspicion that the card I posted earlier was a RAK I sent, and not part of a one to one swap. I swear, my memory is shot. I can't keep this stuff straight, and it really drives me nuts sometimes. Most of the time I can recall if I try hard enough, and if I can't remember, I can laugh it off. But dang, I'm just not old enough to have such rotten recall.

I spent an hour smearing paint on different kinds of paper. I started my first collage piece a few months ago (yes, months -- really). I decided to pull it out tonight and figure out what has me stumped. I thought I'd do an experiment with acrylic glaze. I got the glaze medium and some copper acrylic, mixed and made a really great glaze for my collage piece. Then, because I had so much paint leftover (I can never gauge that kind of thing), I figured I'd play and see what the glaze would look like on Malachite and Opal Stardreams paper. Then I decided to add some Lipstick Red paint to the mix and made a whole different color and painted it over some of the Stardreams that had the copper glaze. Quite an amazing look. I still had some leftover, so I grabbed my incredibly humongous bag of scrap paper and just grabbed different colors and textures of paper and painted them too. Tomorrow I will use my Big Shot to emboss them and see what I get. I think before I emboss, though, I might sand a little of the glaze off in parts, distress it, give the paper some texture.

I do have a technique party tomorrow night that a stamping friend of mine hosts every month. We're doing reinkers - shaving cream, marbles, brayer, and baby wipe techniques. It should be a lot of fun. I'll try to post the papers I painted tonight after I turn them into pretty background pieces. I love paint, and I think I might start taking pictures of my arms and hands after I do this. I am always going to work with paint on my hands. Or ink. I'm so professional at work. :o)


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~* Tracy *~ said...

Don't you hate that feeling. I am positive that my excellent memory was stolen by my son during pregnancy!! My memory is so dreadful now :)

Can't wait to see the collage - sounds divine :)