Sunday, July 29, 2007

New addition to the chicken family - plus a card

While I'm not good at hatching eggs, one of our hens has successfully hatched the only egg she had in her nest! The hen's name is Little Red. She's a tiny thing, and she was really sweet until she went broody. Now she cackles and screeches when we come near her (very well hidden) nest. Her nest is in our tool shed, in the far corner on the right, behind the mower, under a roll of ground cover, surrounded by wires and tools and all sorts of other manly type implements. I almost killed myself to get a picture of this little chick, but here it is.

It's a little grey chick. Very fuzzy and soft, just a day old. Mama is taking very good care of h** (I am not a chicken sexer - I won't know for months what gender this thing is). We're torn between bringing the chick in the house, where we know it will be safe from the roosters, or leaving it out there and letting its mother take care of it. We'll probably bring it inside. Our black hen, whose name I can't remember, is sitting on 19 eggs that I don't think will hatch, or at least most of them won't. We have a white hen sitting on quite a clutch too, but I don't know exactly how many there are under her. But we got a new chicken, and boy, is it cute. I really, really hope it isn't a rooster. I don't want anymore roosters.

Now to the good stuff, the card I made today. I am a Technique Junkie and the newsletter came in the mail Friday. The online bonus technique is a cool Z-fold card. It's pretty neat. I was happy to be able to actually figure it out, since I normally get confused about things that aren't "normal" folds, but that last fold I did gave me confidence and it really paid off (in my opinion, which isn't necessarily humble). Here is the closed view:

The flower is from Starving Artistamps. I love that mum a lot. I stamped it on watercolor paper with chalk ink and used Prismacolor NuPastel sticks to color it. Sprayed with a workable fixative and cut it out. The base paper is sparkly pink. The DP is SU!'s paper pack from the Spring. The z-folded piece is More Mustard or So Saffron (sorry, I don't know which, maybe someone else does!). I think this will qualify for the pink SCS challenge too, don't you? I will have to upload it over there as well!

This is the open view. The inside is stamped with Papertrey Text Boxed (the June set) in Pixie Pink ink from SU!. The text says "wish, dream, smile". Easy to follow instructions from the Technique Junkies newsletter. If you don't subscribe, you really should. It is worth every single penny (and it isn't a lot of pennies). Best money I ever spent on my addiction.

It's getting ready to storm here. We just had a heck of a wild clap of thunder. I love thunder storms. I'm really, really hoping the rain knocks down whatever pollen is in the air that has me unable to breathe today. I have taken more sudafed to try to open my chest than I have ever had to take. It feels like someone is sitting on my chest, and I am very ready for whatever is causing that feeling to just GO AWAY!!! I want to be able to go outside and enjoy the beauty surrounding my house. I have to get off my computer now, before I fry another motherboard. Don't ask how many computer parts I've replaced because I don't know when to turn off the machine!!


knicksgrl0917 said...
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~* Tracy *~ said...

I love you new little chickie :) It's so fuzzy and cute. I'm a sucker for fuzzy, cute critters. My poor old DH has to forbid me from getting more pets!!

Your card is very neat! I should try stepping out of my comfort zone and trying different things like this :) I will have to check out Technique Junkies but I would want to get all the back issues and I think that worked out quite expensive! LOL

Your photography of the cards is wonderful, love how the background is all blurred out :) It's probably something very simple, I'm sure, but I'm so backwards with taking good photos! LOL

hugs, Tracy

mum on the run said...

Aww, cute photie!

Love your card too :)