Thursday, July 5, 2007

New camera will be here today!!

I'm psyched! I ordered a Nikon D40 6.1 MP camera and it will be delivered TODAY!!! My current camera is too slow, and it's not good at taking pictures of my cards. The flash is so harsh when the subject is close to the camera.

I used the "tried and true" trick of putting a folded coffee filter over the flash to diffuse the light a little bit, but it still would cause a glare on some of the shiny card stock I love so much. I made a "studio" from a box and had bright lights shining on my cards so I could use no flash. I didn't get the glare, but the bulbs in my lamp must not be true color light because I now have to adjust my colors in Photoshop to even get close to the real colors. I've read such great things about the D40 (a DSLR, so exceptional quality pictures!), and I've printed out a manual from a professional photog who raves about the D40 - all the settings he uses for what, so I shouldn't have to do a lot of trial and error to get a great picture.

I'm so excited. I love taking pictures (not great at it, but I love to anyway), and having a DSLR will be awesome. My husband has an SLR (Canon Rebel) and it takes great pictures, but I like instant feedback and don't want to wait for film to be developed. As soon as I get my new camera, I'll be able, hopefully, to take some good pictures. And I need to take a picture of the "jewels" I want to give out for my 1000th hit (which should be in the next couple of weeks!!).

Thanks for stopping by. I do really appreciate it!


cjstamps said...

That is so exciting. I love to take lots of photos too and my camera is a little slow also. Hope you enjoy your new toy! Have fun.

~* Tracy *~ said...

How exciting! I got my new camera not long ago and, oh boy! It makes such a difference :) All of a sudden, my photos look soooo much better! I hope you enjoy your new camera as much as I am enjoying mine :)
hugs, Tracy