Monday, August 6, 2007


Let me show you guys why I don't do folded things.

I tried the 2-5-7-10 fold from the SCS tutorial from last Wednesday. I did it with a piece of cardstock, then decided to try with some pretty printed paper. I like it better with the paper, but it's still lopsided and looks very pathetic.

Update on the baby chick situation. Our black hen has hatched 10 chicks, with three more in the midst of hatching. She flips out and makes all sorts of mean noises when we get near her to count the babies, but tomorrow, I'll try to get a picture of the one chick. It's all white with black spots on its back. Very cool looking chick. Too bad it will change from its fuzzy little self into something that resembles a chicken. Oh, and one of our roosters, Goldilocks (we didn't know it was a boy when we named it), pecked Dylan on the back of his knee and made him bleed. I hit him over the head with a pan. I carry the pan whenever I go outside because of that other nasty rooster, and today, Goldilocks got it. It will be a long time before he considers pecking my baby again. He's lucky he isn't tomorrow's supper. If it wasn't for Travis (my 14 year old), Goldie would be in the freezer right now! Stupid chickens.

I'll leave you with a picture of the first chick born to our black hen. I can't believe thirteen of her eggs have hatched, or are in the process of hatching, so far. It's insane.

I'm prepping for a fun shop Friday night, we're going to play with Twinkling H20s, so I've been embossing all sorts of pieces of paper - glossy, white, Bazzill textured, and watercolor paper. Just to give them a feel for these wonderful watercolors! I love my H20s.


Crafty in Calgary said...

Beautiful job on the folded box! I have it bookmarked myself! Cute pic of the Chick!!

stampingranny said...

Darling chickies! Love your folding project! Deb

chelemom said...

Love those chicks! Wish I could be there to learn about those H2O's....still have a WHOLE box of em and never pull them out! Wish I lived closer to you!