Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Arch Cards

I did these arch cards for swap. I had to make three arch cards for one person, and I chose three major religions for my theme - Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism. This was a stretch for me, but one I'm finding easier and easier as I play. I'm currently working on a board book round robin, and the book I'm working on has a theme of "Anatomy of an Artist", which is a wide open theme. I'm so excited about it, and I can't wait to finish so I can show you!
This card represent Christianity. I painted the chipboard with gesso, then with yellow acrylic paint, then did a color wash with antique brown over it. I added some paper from an old hymnal, and the image is iconic, not sure if it's only Catholic, because other Christian denominations use the Madonna and Child imagery. I also added crosses that I embossed in gold, as the streets of Heaven are paved in gold.

This card represents Buddhism, with an image of Buddha sitting on a lotus blossom. I did this in red, which is just a color that Buddhism brings to mind for me. I have no clue why that color is connected with Buddhism in my mind. I studied Buddhism in college, and it just always felt red to me.

And finally, a card to represent Hinduism. This is an image of Ganesh, or Ganesha, the remover of obstacles.

I added wired beads to these so they can be hung if the recipient so desires. I had fun making them, though they did take a whole lot of thought. I am learning, and they certainly aren't cards that one would make to give to a friend when she is sick, they are interesting exercises to stretch the imagination. The arch cards I received in return are so cool - a triptych done in silver. So gorgeous. I love this stuff, even if it isn't the most sophisticated - I'm such an amateur!


Melissa McCarthy said...

These are gorgeous. I love how thought provoking they are. True Art!
The colours are gorgeous and red does seem like the perfect colour! :0) mel

chelemom said...

You are always one to experiment and try new techniques! These are truly beautiful! (And yes, I am eating another bowl of ice cream! : )