Thursday, November 8, 2007

Another board book for the round robin

I finally finished this board book. I've been working on it for two full weeks, and I do mean working on it. And it looks nothing like I envisioned it would when I started it, but I like it anyway. The colors are much more subdued than I usually use, but I like the pinkish brown. I took cheap patterned paper I bought more than a year ago at Js and painted it with floating medium and Chocolate Chip reinker. When it dried, I painted it again with floating medium and Mellow Moss ink. Then I took a gel medium and added brown and pink acrylic paints (artist grade) and did a dry brush technique over the top of the right page. The detail doesn't show up in the image, but there are little flowers all over the patterned paper (it was pink flowers - ewwww) that still show through a bit.

This is why I haven't made many cards for the past two weeks. This book is GORGEOUS! The work done by the other women is phenomenal, and I'm learning so much!



Anonymous said...

WOW Michelle! That out of the box for you. Sounds like it was great fun. When you get your book back be sure to show it to at a tech night. well back to work miss you deb

Crafty in Calgary said...

What an amazing project! Very nice!