Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Step 2

These are my coffee stained tags painted with shimmering watercolors. The watercolors are from USArtQuest and are called Stargazers. Very nice paints. They soften much more quickly than the H20s, which means I can paint more quickly. The range of colors isn't there, though, and I wouldn't give up my Twinklers for anything!!

For all of you who spill your coffee and would like to know how to create your own works of art, here's my advice. Get a white t-shirt and wipe up all coffee spills with it. Then when it's sufficiently stained, you can hang it on the wall and call it "Experiential Art". I have several shirts I use to lay my stamping stuff on, and when I paint, I wipe off excess on these t-shirts, catch overspray, blot my brushes on them. I'm waiting to see an image that will earn me big bucks on eBay (come on Abe Lincoln, appear on my t-shirt!).

I started a card, two of them actually, with the velour paper. On one, I painted with the Stargazers. With the other, I used chalk pencils. Both turned out kind of cool. I hope to make cards from them tomorrow, but tonight, I'm tired. This is the 10th or 20th night in a row I've been awake way past a sane person's bed time. And with Thanksgiving on Thursday (we are going to have company - YAY!!!), I don't think tomorrow is looking good either when it comes to getting enough sleep.


Melissa M. M. M. said...

These are so very beautiful! I love the idea of the coffee as an underpainting. Sounds like you'll be need that coffee over the next little while. Hope you get some z's and have a fabulous thanksgiving. :0) Mel

Fink said...

I just wanted to say that those are just beautiful! I also want to thank you for the kind things you said at my blog! I truly appreciate you coming by!

chelemom said...

Yea for step 2!! Can't wait to see the next step.