Monday, December 31, 2007

Another tag

This tag is my favorite one yet. I stamped on it - in case you can't tell. I used a swirl from TAC and a flourish from Flourished Elements. Then I used an image from Altered Pages (they are great for these kinds of images - good service, run lots of sales so get on their email list if you can!!). I painted beeswax over her and then put a paper towel over the beeswax and ironed some off. I painted a piece of lace with twinkling h2os (gold dust, I think that's the color), then with a brown from my 4 year old's watercolor set, and then with a bronze color from the Pearl Ex paints to add this pretty shimmer. The brad says "hope" and that is for my mother in law. She's been living on hope and prayers for more than a year now. "Truth", I believe that all patients deserve to know the truth about their conditions and deserve to be treated with respect. My next tag is going to be respect.

Just because someone is older doesn't mean they suddenly become stupid. Now, she is in a nursing home with a lot of screamers. Lots of alzheimers patients who wouldn't know if you treated them badly, but that still is no excuse. Some man was outside her door today barking and then he'd yell "You're going to die. Let me out of here. You're going to die." Then he'd growl and bark. But you know, he still deserves to be treated decently. My mother in law has a full grasp of her surroundings. She isn't out of her mind. She isn't in the throes of dementia, and it annoys me that nurses start out treating her as if she is. They certainly learn quickly that she isn't, and by golly, if one of them upsets her, she gets herself a new nurse.

Anyway, for this tag, I was waiting for the lace to dry and now it has and my tag is done and I can go to bed. My little guy got his own bed for Christmas and for the last three nights, my husband and I actually got to sleep next to each other. Very odd, but definitely not a bad thing. Married for so long, it's hard to imagine we've gone the last four years without sleeping next to one another. Sooooo..... I'm going to go cuddle up next to him and sleep (if he isn't snoring too loudly).

Thanks for keeping me company, Laurie and Jan.


chelemom said...

This is wonderful! Hey, I feel like such an ass....I never thanked you for the gorgeous Christmas card! Thank you so much! I finally posted it today! Hugs to you! Happy New Year!

tangled stitch said...

My prayers are with you for you, your hubby and your mother in law. The card is absolutely gorgeous. The sentiment of truth is even more wonderful. Happy New Year my creative friend.

Melissa M. M. M. said...

You are so incredibly inspiring. I just love this stunning tag, and I always learn something new by reading your descriptions of your scrumptious (and fearless) artistic processes. Beeswax!!! I am soooooo going to try that too! :0) Mel

Niki said...

Pretty tag! Your work is beautiful!