Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Quick bit of chit chat

No pictures. I just wanted to update. I finished all the wedding tins. YAY!! I don't ever volunteer to do something and then complain that I had to do it, but let me just say that as wonderful as it was to get that much practice, I don't enjoy the pressure that goes with doing something like that. I like how they turned out, and I handed them to the bride today, so it's done.

My mother in law got a lot of cards. I plan to thank everyone whose envelope she has saved personally, but I wanted to let you all know here that she really enjoyed getting them. I think it touched her to see so many people sending her good thoughts. She's back in the nursing home, doing well again, walking some again. My husband saw her today (I saw her Saturday) and she was joking around, back to her normal self. Saturday, she seemed awfully grouchy, but we're wondering if it was a med issue.

What else? I've got the stamping bug again, but I'm also making Michele Kovack a felted bag. I will have pictures of the yarn to put up tomorrow. I bought the yarn today. I do so love yarn shopping. She wanted spring, so I got a turquoise, a soft green and a pink, with ivory and a sparkly include in ivory and gold. The colors mesh so well. I am trying to think of something to do with the bag that will make it not just a plain bag. I'd like to make my first bag that will be given away something that is special and pretty enough that Michele deserves it. She's a wonderful friend. She really deserves something nice.

And hey, if anyone uses scraps of yarns for projects, give me a yell. I'm starting to amass lots of bits of yarns, some perfect for embellishing (fun fibers and such). I'd be happy to help you out with some.

I also have a panel of fabric that I want to paint. I'm thinking of using it to cover a journal. So lots of projects in my head. Not much sleep in my life yet. Oh well. Had a fun problem at work today. One of our domain controllers threw a motherboard. Funny, oh my gosh. I mean, the whole thing, kaput. So we were there until 7 pm swapping power supplies and RAM and processors and in the end, turned out to be the motherboard. It sucks when a DC goes - that word controller means something. Oh, and I just realized I need to check to make sure it wasn't one of our global catalogs. If it was, I'll need to transfer that role. We already transferred the DHCP database. Yeah, I know, blah, blah, blah. But some of my friends will get a smile when they read it. This kind of stuff is the reason I got into IT, and for a long time, I didn't get to do any of it. I'm in my glory. Oh, and we get to pick up Quila this weekend!! I can't wait to kiss her little puppy face, though I'm sure she's not little. She's probably 20 pounds or so already.

Goodnight everyone!

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Lori J said...

Glad to hear your MIL is doing better. Sounds like you are super busy. Scraps of yarn are great embellishments for cards. :0)