Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Lacey and Dylan - family pics

These are just pictures of the newest members of the family, starting with the newest, Lacey. This is a picture of her as she's almost able to get up on the couch. She will be three months old on Monday, March 10th. She's a really, really big dog. I think she's almost 40 pounds since I'm having trouble lifting her. She is sweet, but scared of me. She was so easy to housetrain, except when I try to get her to go outside. Then she gets all weird and pees on the floor. She also chews my expensive leather shoes and my socks. I'm considering some dental work. Doggy gums can't possibly do as much damage as those darn puppy teeth.

And this is Lacey chewing on my daughter's hand. Does she have a sweet face or what? She has these great wrinkles in her forehead and when I pulled the camera up, she posed for me - stopped dead in mid-chew to get her picture taken. Her ears are so awesome. They're really long, aren't they? I don't think Brandy had ears like that when she was little, so I'm really going to be interested to see if they grow along with her and always hang so low or if she will grow into them.

She and Brandy are getting along much better. They were playing the other day and Lacey was chewing on Brandy's jowls. Brandy turned around and put Lacey's entire head in her mouth! I never really want to know what the inside of a giant dog's mouth looks like, not from inside it anyway.

This last picture I call "Sick Dylan". My poor little monkey has been so sick. I was taking pictures with my zoom lens from across the room, and he was giving me funny looks the whole time. This picture really seemed to capture how he felt - just very blah and annoyed. He is not a good sick person at all. Maybe it's Mommy Brain, but I don't remember my other kids being quite so whiny when they were sick. I'm really intolerant of whining (and everyone in my family who reads this will laugh really hard considering how I used to moo when I was little). I was such a whiner, and how funny that I just can't stand it now? I'm one of those moms who thinks if it isn't bleeding badly or falling off, there's just no point in crying about it. All I had to do to stop my other kids from whining is just ask them if they wanted me to take them to the doctor to get it cut off, whatever body part was ailing them at the time. I ask Dylan and it just makes him cry harder. Not real tears, but this kid seriously says "Wah!" when he cries, literally says "Wah!" But he's feeling really icky right now and this picture really shows it. Poor little Doodle. I hope he soon feels all better. I'll have some pics of ATCs tomorrow.


chelemom said...

Awwwww poor Dylan! Nothing worse than a sick kid.....except maybe a whining sick kid! LOL! I sure hope he feels better soon! Lacey is adorable! BIG, but adorable!

Laura Lou said...

You have a very nice family. Your dog looks like a real "love".

tangled stitch said...

Lacey is lovely, and Dylan is one adorable little ill child. Hope he feels better soon.

Corie said...

I hope Dylan is feeling better -- and Lacey is just so beautiful and adorable at the same time!!

Anonymous said...

CUTE dog!! :) I can relate about having a whiny kid! My middle one is like that! The other two usually will quiet down and I say the SAME thing you do! LOL :)