Sunday, March 2, 2008

A little harder to find on the ezine

This project is a little harder to find in the ezine since it's on a page with a lot of other projects that everyone did. Go to the Designers Challenge and look at all the gorgeous work everyone did for this. It was a digital challenge. The company was Polka Dot Potato. They have tons of beautiful digital kits, a fraction of the price of "real" paper and elements. You can print out everything to use in a physical piece, but the wonderful part? You get unlimited use of the stuff. Unlimited! So if you want, you can print 1000 pieces of the designer paper, just the exact sizes you need, for the cost of the kit, plus cheap cardstock and ink. Might even be cheaper to have it done at Kinkos. But you can just re-use the elements forever in your personal work.

This was the first digital piece I'd ever done. It was SIMPLE. It took me less than half an hour, and it just all fell into place. I'm busy working on my April artwork that's due in 4 days (I will be on time!!) and then onto my April Designer Challenge, I Brake For Stamps is the sponsor. I also have a few cards I'm making to submit, but I promise I will have some stuff I can actually show you! I did want to share this with you and let you know about the cool company. Even if you just want inspiration, go check out their site. The colors alone will make you salivate!

Good night!!


chelemom said...

How cool!!! This turned out awesome!

Velta said...

This is so vintage and artsy. I love this :)

Stampin' Meg said...

Very very cool, Michlee, Dig is fun isn't it- and you can't beat the price!