Thursday, June 5, 2008

An ATC and a pretty flower

I made an ATC for a swap. I actually made an extra 5 of them for another swap, but I've been too lazy to send them. I'm pathetic sometimes. This is a Technique Junkies technique called Createx Creation. If I got that wrong, I'll fix it when I find out. You take Createx paint, which is a pretty thin paint used for airbrushing, and smear it and smoosh it and voila! You get a really cool image. Only I didn't use Createx paint. They belong to my husband and he doesn't have good metallics. I used Molten Metals and regular acrylic craft paints. Mix them with a bit of water to make them thin, and you get some cool effects on paper. Images are from Artful Inkables. Love these stamps.

And now my pretty flower picture. We inherited several very large rhododendron bushes when we bought the house. This year, they are blooming like crazy after a few not so stellar years. I took this picture when I was just out walking around taking lots of pictures. I like the way the lighting on this looked, and I love the color. Rhododendron are so pretty. We have a few different colors, but this was the one where the lighting was just right. There is no altering of the light in the photograph to get it dark at the edges. It's how the picture came out just from the where the sun was.

Other than that, things are pretty quiet here. Life is wonderful.

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ktstamps said...

Absolutely beautiful. WOW! You are incredible. I know I say that all the time but what a great job job you do on these ATC cards. You blow me away! Did you get the job you wanted??? I think of you often and I am keeping my eye on you! :) kt