Sunday, June 8, 2008

Really bad accident

My father in law was in a really bad accident on Friday night. He has severe head trauma and is in a coma. We had to fight to get him transferred to a trauma center last night. The doc at the local hospital decided within an hour or two that there was no hope, but rather than let him die, he put him on life support thinking it would be less cruel to make his family pull the plug. I think that was awfully sweet of him. What a guy. Then he came in twice, without explaining any of the findings that led him to his conclusions and offered his condolences, and started asking about organ donation. We think perhaps one of the doc's family members had dibs on a kidney.

Anyway, we asked them to transfer him to a hospital with an amazing trauma center (local one has no trauma center) and the doctor actually gave us a hard time. Asked my husband if he was really willing to risk the lives of a pilot and crew to have him flown to the trauma center. WTF??? Risk the lives of the crew? HUH??? Apparently, these people are only willing to risk their lives for some people, but not for a gravely injured 78 year old. I'm not sure what the criteria are, but I guess the doc didn't think my father in law met them. He actually dared us to call anyone we wanted, but the transfer wouldn't happen. I only had to call the hospital administrator. I was kind of keyed for a fight, but I just called and told her we wanted him out of there NOW, and he was taken by ambulance last night.

The doctor seems very strange to me. He was miffed that my husband said he wanted to take him to a bigger hospital, better equipped to handle a trauma. He got very defensive about the whole thing, telling my husband not to run down the local hospital. Not sure how stating the painfully obvious is an insult, but I honestly will never willingly be admitted to that hospital again, ever. Neither will anyone in my care.

Okay, I know this is an art blog, but I do have a few family members who read this who probably want to know about my FIL. I'm done ranting for now.


Cheeka said...

How awful for your family, Michelle! Not only the accident itself, but the resulting fight there was to get him transferred. Believe me, this happens all the time. I used to work in a law firm that specialized in medical malpractice (among other things) and older people are often not given the attention they deserve. In fact, personally, when I broke my shoulder a couple years ago, the doctor actually told me that if I was any older (I was 44 at the time) he wouldn't have bothered with the surgery. Amazing.

You and your family are in my prayers.

laos348 said...

I am so sorry to hear about your FIL. What an awful doctor. I'm glad you were able to get him transferred.

Teena said...

Michelle, I am praying for all of you.

That doctor is a disgrace to the medical field. I am surprised that he is allowed to practice medicine with such a horrid attitude. He is in my opinion not living up to his Physician's Oath/Creed. Thank God he is not the judge of who gets flown or brought in for medical assistance.

His career should be in limbo. My Mom was an LPN for YEARS both as a surgical nurse, and as a nurse in two different Dr's offices. NEVER ONCE did I hear of such disrespect.

(((hugs))) and prayers and God bless...


ktstamps said...

Oh Michelle...I am sorry to read more about your father in law! How is he doing today? Please go with your heart on this on! Dr or no's your family member and you should be able to do what's best for YOUR family. Let me know how it's going??? Hope you are doing OK...interview is coming soon and that is exciting! You are in my thoughts. kt

Rosella said...

Michelle, I am so sorry to hear about your loss! My prayers are with you and your family!