Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bit of jewelry

I know. Big deal, right? This is a charm bracelet I made. I'm a Twilighter and in Eclipse, Bella gets a charm bracelet from Jacob with a wolf charm carved from wood. Then Edward gives her a crystal heart charm that turns out to be a diamond. Every replica of this bracelet I've seen has a sterling silver wolf charm. I looked for a long time to find a charm that at least mimics the carved wolf. It's carved from stone that looks like wood. It's a fetish, not detailed or real looking, but I don't think it's as commercial as some of those I've seen.

I plan to get real sterling silver chain and findings for this, since I do like it so much. The Swarovski crystal heart sparkles and I want to add more of the red and clear crystal danglies on the "real" one.

Here's an altered tin I made months ago for a challenge for the SS Reflections ezine. Just an altoid tin painted gold. I haven't done anything really creative for awhile, and I feel kind of bad about not posting on my blog for so long. I figured sharing older stuff with you would be better than sharing nothing, right? I enjoy making these altered tins so much that all my friends save their empties to give to me. Recycling at its finest.

Not much else happening here. We're still trying to recover from the shock of the last couple of years. I have no idea how long this process takes, but it's beginning to bug me, this serious lack of creative drive. I just want my muse back!


Alicia said...

The tin is so pretty! You know a lot of people use those altoid tins for knitting supplies. Etsy idea! :) LOL

Love the bracelet!!!

tangled stitch said...

Big, big deal! Great to see you back my creative friend(and I've had to go back to the archives myself, and what a lovely archive your altoid tin is). Blessings my friend!

Eadain said...

nice, i read the series as well. in fact, i'm listening to breaking dawn on my ipod at bedtime. you might want to try it out.. i do it while scrapbooking too.

chelemom said...

Love the bracelet, but ADORE That tin!!! Who cares if you made it awhile ago? We don't know the difference! LOL! Been thinking about ya.......sending some positive happy thoughts your way.....: )

ktstamps said...

You tin is beautiful. Hope you are doing OK. I miss you and I hope you had a great Holiday. Hope your job is going well and you are happy! Thank you for touching my life via cyberspace! :) kt