Wednesday, November 24, 2010


This was the latest project I submitted for Altered Pages. It seemed appropriate for someone who reads as much as I do to create a bookmark kit. I love the little girl images at Altered Pages. They always make me think of what it is to be a young girl. Dolls and sweetness, angelic looks on their faces. Of course, that isn't the kind of little girl I was, nor is it the kind of little girl my daughter was, but nostalgia doesn't seem to take reality into account.


All of my bookmarks started with white cardstock, over which I stamped flourishes in different colors of green and brown. I did a distressing technique, where I used distress ink pads, again in greens and browns, and marked up the bookmarks randomly, little nicks here and there all over them.
Then I added a dry brush of gesso. I think it's a requirement for pretty much anything I work on. I love how the dry brush technique softens the look. It also is excellent for covering up mistakes. I used various collage papers on the bottom half of some of them. Two of them have lace instead. I did this to anchor the images of the girls, so they weren't floating out in space.
I edged each of them with gold leaf pen before adding embellishments. Some fun fur yarn through a hole in the top finishes the bookmarks.
It's almost Thanksgiving and I have to say that this year, I am thankful for so much. The last four years have really sucked for my family, and 2010 was not an exception. But through all of it, I have found so much strength in friends and extended family, people who love me and who help me through whatever garbage is thrown at my head. I have a great job, wonderful children. Actually, I have the best children any mom could ask for, cool kids, each with an amazing sense of humor and a respect for me that I'm not sure I've earned. I have a mom I adore and admire, and can say is my best friend. I have so much in my life that even through all the suckage, I am thankful for everything good. And hey, without the bad, we couldn't truly appreciate the excellent, could we?
Enjoy your holiday; enjoy your family. Hopefully now that I'm feeling all creative and stuff, I'll have more to post here. I know I have tons of Christmas cards to make. Wish me luck!

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