Saturday, May 26, 2007

Cards, Cards, Cards

I got the banner thing worked out. If anyone visits and absolutely hates it, let me know and I'll make another. I love Photoshop and love to play, so the banner will probably change pretty regularly anyhow.

Cards. How did I get to the point where I decided to make cards (yeah, it was a decision, uh-huh, that's what it was)? I have only really been stamping for a year. I bought a Christmas set two years ago, but never did anything with it. I didn't understand the whole stamping craze at all. I crochet. I try to sew. But I didn't get stamping. Until someone introduced me to SCS! Oh my GOSH! What a site! I went to resources and just went nuts. Here I am, almost a year later, and I'm having a blast. I own more stamp sets than I can count. I have several drawers full of ink pads, several more filled with markers and Pearl Ex and Twinkling H20s and all sorts of other nifty stuff.

I'm not a prolific stamper. I put so much effort into all my cards and rarely make the same card twice. I get bored easily so I just keep doing something new. I'm branching out into mixed media arts and ATCs, and hopefully will have some collage work done before long. I love to make a mess, and there is nothing messier than paint and ink! I'm in my glory here!

Here is a card I made a few months ago. It was my first Bella purchase, and I did it all in pink, which is very unlike me. I'm a water baby. I like blues and greens and the colors of the sea, previously those were exclusively what I liked. Now I enjoy yellows and oranges and reds and pinks and WOW! There is an entire world of color I needed to get to know.

I really like the way this card turned out. It's so much more feminine than I am, and it's very pink and pretty. I had fun coming out of my morose, dark style to do something upbeat, and it has led to more upbeat and perky cards. They'll be added later as I find time. I can see this becoming as much of an addiction as stamping has become, especially as my stamping improves and my style really comes together. It's exciting to finally be blogging. I wanted to do it for so long and just never got it all together. I guess now I have no excuse not to keep a "journal".

I have to go to bed. Goodnight!


cmromey said...

I love it! Love it!

And, when I was trudging through making banners for diaper pail, I would have paid $50 for a banner! Especially one that looks as good as that! :)

Markie's Mom said...

Your banner is great...I've been trying to make one, just can't figure out how....Love the card!

Anonymous said...

Princess Matilda, this is first rate, A-1--nothing more than I would expect from you. I love it! The Queen

~* Tracy *~ said...

I like your banner too :)
And your wonderful writing style - I'll be coming back to see what you get up to :)
I'm a new blogger too - it can be a bit daunting! Took me lots of goes to make myself a banner that I liked!

Allison said...

Terrific creation! BTW, if you are linking to my site, my name is Allison Fillo ( Thanks for visiting and linking too! Have fun!