Monday, May 28, 2007


I actually had visitors to my blog! Imagine how shocked I was to see two comments on my second post. I didn't expect visitors so soon (Amanda, I know I asked you to check out my banner and let me know if it was completely dorky), but still, it's kind of embarrassing to have people checking out such a pathetic, empty space.

I thought I'd post a card or two from my very early stamping days (hardly seems like it could be a whole year). Now, I like these cards a lot. Still. Even though I've improved a few things, I still like the simplicity and artsy-ness of my earlier cards. I just love to mess, and most of my earlier cards were messy to make - I tried so many different kinds of stamps, inks, etc.

This card was made with a foam stamp. The ink was some cheap brand from one of the chain stores. I embossed the top of the tulip with SU! II, as well as the little square of dryer sheet sticking out (also dyed with the same ink used on the tulip). The crimped piece is actually a shaving cream piece, purple paper, turquoise paint. The ribbon was dyed with the same ink, and then attached and heated a bit to make it wrinkled.

Like I said, a bit basic, but I'm not ashamed to call it mine (I have made cards that I wouldn't show my own mother!).

Card #2:

This one is actually done using a variation of the wet watercolor technique that is today's SCS technique challenge. I used another foam stamp (got them so my son could play when I stamped, but ended up liking a couple of them). I sprayed the paper, colored my stamp with marker, and smacked it down. By the time I stamped, the paper was close to dry, so I didn't have to do a second image. Not exactly the same as the technique, but hey, I was new. I can't remember how I did the green background at all. The brown/orange piece is tissue paper, and then the square is craft paper. I like this card because it reminds me of art I've seen in magazines and museums. Sort of watery, sort of off kilter, but I like it nonetheless.

It's sunny out today, and I'm using the opportunity to paint papertowels to use on ATCs. I'll make sure to post some when I finish them.


Ashley Bowen said...

VERY COOL CARD!!! :) Love it! Congrats on the new blog!! You'll love it!! Hugs! Ashley

Wendy said...

Congratulations on your new blog. I enjoy reading a number of SCS Blogs and will sign up for yours. It will be fun to watch your blog grow!

Good luck with it!

Wendy (a/k/a wendella247 on SCS)

SeattleStamper said...

Visitors are so fun! I just thought I would let you know I was here checking out your blog, thanks for sharring a little of yourself!