Wednesday, May 30, 2007

So pretty

I am busy making ATCs, which means I'm not busy making things I can show off right now. So I was thinking "What am I going to blog about if I don't have a new card or pretty something to show off?" Then I got the bright idea to take a picture of my very favorite coloring medium -- Twinkling H20s by LuminArt, Inc. if you want to go take a look at good pictures of them.

I took about 20 pictures while my kids laughed at me. I took them outside and tried to shoot them from above while they were on the table. Nope, didn't work. I'm too short. Then I thought I'd sit them down on the deck and shoot from above. The first picture caught my dirty feet (I am barefoot most of the time when it's warm, my feet are dirty even after I wash them). No good. Trust me, no one wants to see that. The second picture I noticed the shadows from the deck posts. Darn!

I came back in and put them on the floor and got on a chair. I may be short, but I'm no dummy!! Only this time, the paints were too dark. The flash would either catch the plastic cases and reflect or I would turn it off and everything was very dark. I even used a coffee filter to diffuse the flash, but it didn't do any good. Finally, I figured out there is no way to take a picture of all of them. So I settled for this:

These are my warm colors. I have way more cool colors. I just can't get them all into one picture. I use Twinkling H20s all the time. I love them. They are cakes of watercolor with the best shimmer in the world! There are a ton of techniques you can do with them, but my favorite thing to do is stamp and emboss an image, then paint the image. The embossing keeps the paints from running, which is really the opposite effect you want with a watercolor, but I use them like I do colored pencils or crayons. Very cool little paints. I need to go paint now. I'll be back!


chelemom said...

I would love to see the cards you post using those twinkling H2o's. I bought them a few years ago and never know what to do with them!

~* Tracy *~ said...

Oooh, I may just have to get me some twinkling H2O's... My friend in Florida just {{{loves}}} them to bits. I love all shimmery things!!

SeattleStamper said...

Ooh I have a hand full of these but haven't played with them. I'll have to check back to see what you create with them. These are the kinds of things I buy just because they look so pretty in the drawer! lol