Tuesday, May 29, 2007

One last post before I say goodnight

I started my list of favorite books and favorite blog sites to my left column. If you would like me to link your blog here, let me know. I haunt so many blogs it isn't funny, and I feel strange asking people if it's okay. So the invite is open. Want me to link you, will do, just ask (but no adult-themed sites - naughty sites are okay, but not adult sites). I used to be a freelance editor. LOVED that job, and met a fantastic writer, Daniel Omotosho Black. If you are a lover of good books, buy They Tell Me of a Home. Or ask your library to get it in for you. And then read The Sacred Place. This man writes in the most amazing way. His stories draw you in and you can't leave until you know the end. I don't read a lot of fiction since I became an editor, but his books I still read voraciously. He sent me an unproofed copy of his very first novel (since I had done the initial editing), and he autographed it! He is going to be famous someday. Trust me. You won't be sorry you read his books. Compelling. Dang.

I will find more to add to the list of books. I just don't read much right now. A bit busy with card making, and painting, and soon textile painting. I'm also a grad student. And of course the mother of four wonderful children. My daughter is 22. My sons are 16, 14, and 3. They keep me on my toes. I work full time as an IT manager. We also homeschool, and the school year is coming to a fast close and I just realized today that I have to have their portfolios in transit by Friday to guarantee an evaluation. Some days I wonder how I manage to get both shoes on. My husband does more work around here than I do, so I guess I should say I help him. But since I'm the one talking, I'll just say he helps me. And he really does. If not for him and the wonderful kids, I'd fall over dead exhausted. No question about it.

So... If there are other lists you'd like to see, just let me know. I am up for writing anything, and have remembered now that writing comes pretty easily to me. Maybe that's what I'll be when I grow up. Oh wait, I decided long ago that I didn't want to grow up. Never mind. Except about the lists. I'll be glad to add lists. How about lists of techniques? Lists of projects in the works? Give me some ideas of what would be appreciated, please!!

Now I need to go to bed. My older boys are yelling and are going to wake my little guy up. As Daddy is working night shift this week, I will be incredibly unhappy to go back to bed and find my munchkin awake. Goodnight and thanks for visiting. It has meant a lot.


Kristine said...

You're too funny!! And you ARE a pretty good writer...seems to come easily for you. :) I'd be honored if you added my blog, but you don't have to. Thank you for all the comments you left me about my recent cards and my girls :) That was sweet of you. I love the labels element and think it'd be great to see techniques listed in your column--because you asked :)!! Have a great night. Hope your little one is sound asleep by now.

~* Tracy *~ said...

I agree, you are a wonderful writer :) I know I am going to enjoy watching your blog develop. It's very sweet of you to pop a link to my itty bitty blog on yours :)
I agree with having a list of techniques, I'd love to see that.
Take care,

chelemom said...

I would be more than happy to link your blog to mine...check it out and make sure you like mine before your commit! LOL! I just started in March... and boy has it taken off! IT is such a fantastic group of people! WELCOME : )

Markie's Mom said...

You can add my blog! Your writing is very good!

Kristine said...

Hi Michelle!! You asked me a question about labels and I have a few other things to chat about. Could you PLEASE email me so I don't have to leave unrelated comments on this post?? :) THANKS
My email: inksomething@yahoo.com