Monday, June 4, 2007

The book I was reading

I just need to add an addendum to my comments about the book I was reading, Color Magic for Beginners. I don't read non-fiction books cover to cover. I read the beginning, and then I usually check out any chapters whose titles catch my eye. This is what I had done when I said this book was a good read. I still think it's an interesting book, but it's about Color Magic, as in real magic, like soaking up the energy from colors and numerology to determine your life colors. I realize that kind of stuff offends some people and others can't get past that kind of content in a book to gain any other information it might hold. I'm not into the New Age stuff so much, at least not the kind of thing this book talks about in some chapters, but I did glean some other information from the book about the power of colors (the mind holds the power, I believe, not the actual colors themselves!) that I find helpful. It also had some cool information about what people believed colors to mean. But I wanted to add a warning, in case anyone wanted to check the book out of the library. There is some offbeat stuff in there. Be warned!

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~* Tracy *~ said...

No offence taken!! :) I don't normally read all of non-fiction books either... I chapter jump and find the stuff that interests me and disregard the rest.