Saturday, June 9, 2007

Long week

We've had a long few days. My mother in law has been gravely ill since September. It finally looked like things were turning around. She was in a rehab hospital, doing very well, ready to come home. On Tuesday, she was rushed back to the hospital and admitted to the ICU. She was on a ventilator until last night. Today she seems better, weak, but on the mend. If you pray, please say a prayer for her. If you light candles, chant, meditate, whatever you do, if you could just include my mother in law, I'd appreciate it greatly. She deserves to not be sick anymore.

I made a card today. It took a long time (I started work on it last night and just now finished). I ordered stamps from Starving Artistamps and WOW!! I love the designs. So pretty and fun to color. This flower was stamped with Noir Palette, then colored with Prismacolors and OMS. I stamped the flourish (one of The Angel Company's sneak peeks - Curls and Swirls) with green Palette ink (not sure of the exact color). I cut the flower out, used one of the papers from SU! paper pack (beautiful paper!) added some orange ribbon, and this is what I got.

I used PPA around the edges of the flower and added some glitter. I really had fun coloring this card. It's kind of plain, I know, but I like the "less is more look" of embellishing and though I really enjoy looking at cards that are more decorated, I have been unable to pull the look off to my satisfaction. So I go for color impact and a few things I know how to add.

On a brighter note, we have an egg hatching!! I homeschool my boys, and last year, I decided embryology would be a cool science addition. I got an incubator and tried to hatch eggs. Nothing. No luck. I unsuccessfully incubated more than 100 chicken eggs and a dozen duck eggs. Finally, the guy who was supplying the fertile eggs felt sorry for me and gave me a few dozen baby chicks. This year, those chicks are all grown and laying. I put eggs in a month or so ago. The first 10 didn't hatch. I broke two open 4 days after their hatch date. Inside were two little chicks, probably died four days before they were supposed to hatch. I was so sad. I thought I'd never manage to do this. I told my kids it's a darn good thing I'm better at hatching kids than I am eggs!! This morning, I heard a peeping noise coming from the incubator. I looked and didn't see anything, but darn it, I KNOW I heard something! I called the boys out and they heard it too. My husband told me I was hearing things. Tonight I heard it again! I went and looked, and this is what I found!

If you look carefully, you can see the black line on the egg in the middle on the left. That is the little black chicken starting to peek through!! Sorry for the fuzzy picture, but the flash just reflected off the incubator lid and the picture was just all white. But we're actually going to have a chick soon!! Hopefully he'll finally poke out before we go to bed (it's almost midnight, so it's not looking good). I would like to have him in his home box under the lights, and not in the incubator where he can burn himself on the element (you can see that in the picture too!). I'm so excited.

Whew. Hopefully things will calm a bit and I'll be able to make some more cards and more messes. I miss my stuff when I don't get to play with it!

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Laurie Unger said...

Nice job coloring the flower! My thoughts and prayers are with you for your mother in law! Take care!