Monday, June 11, 2007

More painting fun!

I made ATCs tonight (among some swap cards that I have to get done next week!!). These are so much fun. They are so creative and make me feel free to do things I could never do on a card. I know I've read people saying they don't "get" ATCs, that they look weird, that they aren't miniature cards. I would say that two weeks ago, I didn't get ATCs. I didn't think they looked weird (well, some of them do) and I like that they aren't miniature cards. The point of an ATC is the art. It isn't the finished product so much as it is the process getting to the finished product. It is not important that the piece look put together. It is not important that the finished piece have a sentiment and can be given to grandma. What is important is there is a card in existence upon which someone created. I've been able to give in to some of my more basic creative nature. I uploaded a couple of ATCs for my class. I'll load them here for you guys to look at and tell me if they are weird.

Tomorrow I should have a good ol' fashioned card.

This card isn't a finished ATC, but I guess it could be. I freehanded the seaweed and the angel fish with silver leafing pen. I can't draw, so for me to get images that actually look like what I wanted them to is an enormous accomplishment. The colors aren't as dark as they look in the picture. The upper colors are Cool Caribbean and Buckaroo Blue. There is some Night of Navy and Vintage Violet near the bottom.

This is my Queen card (for the princess who wants to be queen someday!). This one was fun. I took different papers and pasted them onto the ATC. Then I added dye inks (marigold morning, cameo coral, and distress ink in tea dye (??) - Tim Holtz). Put a light yellow glaze over it, then rubbed Opalites into the mixture after stamping my lovely Queen in India ink. This is so shiny, in oranges and golds and reds. I am definitely feeling the stretch as I work with colors and mediums that I don't normally touch.

Oh, we have a chicken named Birdy. One day old, and sickly looking. I think he might have some mental deficiencies. He can't seem to stand up easily, and he peeps ALL the time. If he turns out to be as mentally challenged as I think he is, he will have to be a house chicken. The other chickens will kill him. He's cute, though. A little bald on his back, but black with white tips on his wings (they will go away as he gets older). We're hoping for a silkie. They're gorgeous chickens.

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chelemom said...

Love both of these ATC's! What a cool effect!

Markie's Mom said...

Your work is just fantastic!

Shadowcatcher said...

Very cool ATC's. They both look so artsy! :) I just finished adding your blog link to the main list over at Splitcoastbloggers. Happy Blogging!

-Julee T.

ktstamps said...

Oh Michelle, I didn't know you had a blog. Well Done. I will start mine in a few days. This will be a great way for me to communicate with you. I love your work and I love you! Your friend. kt