Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Dimensions and Directions

I took pictures of the process (and measured!). The measurements for both pieces of the fold are in the pictures. Tomorrow, I wil edit this post and try to write up directions that make sense. I'm sleepy (have I mentioned I have narcolepsy and chronic insomnia?). Anyway, I took my night meds and I need to sleep. I just don't want Lorri to have to wait to see. Here are the pictures. I will pretty it up tomorrow. Some of the pictures, you have to click to make them big enough to see the dimension information.

Thanks for letting me know Lorri!

Photo 1 - Piece A

Photo 2 - Piece A folded

Photo 3 - Piece B

Photo 4 - Piece B Folded

Photo 5 - Piece A and B put together with measurements

Top View of finished card


Lorri said...

Thank you for the pictures - they are worth a thousand words. I understand and have made a card using this technique! Thank you!

~* Tracy *~ said...

You've done a wonderful tutorial here :)
hugs, Tracy