Sunday, July 8, 2007

How I made Butterfly Kisses card

Someone asked me to share the technique. I'm not sure if she meant the fold (which is very coincidentally on another blog as a challenge - Beate from SCS!!) or the gesso resist to make the picture look older. I will start with the gesso resist, since the other would require me to measure and I have NO clue where my ruler is.

Gesso is an acrylic primer. It is wonderful stuff, and I use it on almost every surface before I paint it now. I'm in the middle of making an accordian scrapbook of the pictures I've been taking of Dylan, and I primed it with gesso before painting it with acrylic paints. Gesso also resists ink nicely.

I stamped the image on glossy white CS with Vintage Violet. After it dried, I sponged on some of the Tea Dye distress ink. When that dried (took a few minutes), I spotted on a little gesso with a very small piece of sponge. This stuff is very opaque, so a little dab will do ya - trust me, I've ruined a lot of images by not being careful!! Use a small amount. You can always add more. I let the gesso dry and then sponged on the Weathered Wood distress ink. I left some of the tea dye ink uncovered, and the gesso resisted the Weathered Wood perfectly. The image looks like it has been handled a lot over the years, which is exactly the look I was going for. Vintage.

I will show off my very first accordian scrapbook when I'm finished with it. I got some excellent pictures of Dylan (yes, tooting my own horn, realizing that I am in love with my kids and this kid has gorgeous grey/blue eyes!). I don't scrap, so it won't be fabulous. This is only the fourth scrapbook ever done by me, and it's the first one I am doing that I'm thinking about layout and color. The others were definitely before I found the wonderful world that is stamping!!

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Lorri said...

Opps, guess I should have asked for the folding technique. If possible and if you can find your ruler. Normally I can figure things out by the picture but this one has me puzzled. TIA.