Monday, July 16, 2007

No pictures of me!

I thought it might be nice if I put a picture of me on my blog, just so people could put a face to the person writing. I love seeing pictures of the writers of other blogs. I went looking, and I have exactly two pictures of me on my computer at this time, but neither of them is of just me. In one, my little guy is just a baby (2 months old, in a Santa suit!), and the other is with my husband. Really, no one here ever thinks to take my picture, unless I look like an old hag with my hair all over the place and my beautiful sleeping outfits on (sweatpants and a nightgown that goes to my knees - tres chic and oh, so attractive). I'm 5 ft tall, so most anything normal sized goes to my knees. Anyway, I am looking for a picture of me that I'd be willing to post, just so y'all get some idea of who is writing here.

In the interim, here is a picture of a tiger lily I took by my house. Note that white stripe down near the center of each petal (that's what I focused on). I never knew lilies had those. I'm very allergic to flowers, so I usually stay away, even though I love them so much. And the oranges of this beauty just blow me away! I hope I have some time to go into the woods and take pictures tomorrow, if I can get over my fear of ticks - we have soooo many ticks this year. They give me the shivers. Yick.

Enjoy the beauty. I sure am!


chelemom said...

You are sooo funny! We are pretty short in our family too...My mom is 4 ft 11 inches. My gram and aunt are 5 feet tall. My mom thinks my sis and I are huge at 5 ft 4 inches!!! She will always say, "I don't know where you get your height?"

ktstamps said...

I love you. Thank you for everything! I would love to see a picture of you. I am riding a camel in Egypt. Otherwise...I hate having my picture taken due to roundness all over my body! kt

~* Tracy *~ said...

I love reading all the things you put on your blog! I love your pretty lily photo here too, really is exquisite. Must be awful to be so allergic to them :(
I really really really really hate photos of myself, cept for some pre-child ones when I was slim *sigh*
I understand your fear of ticks - I have a leech phobia ~ I am petrified of them! When we were looking for our first house to buy, at one potential place I got a leech in the back yard and screamed until somebody got rid of it! Needless to say, that house was no longer on my list!
hugs, Tracy