Sunday, July 15, 2007

Another funny picture of my son

I love this picture. I have to explain why my son is holding a rooster, and why this picture is so funny to me. We homeschool and last year, I got the brilliant idea that we could do an embryology project and hatch ourselves some chickens. I'm an awful chicken hatcher, so the guy who was supplying us with the eggs to hatch felt bad for us and decided to share his successful hatches with us. We got 30 or so baby chicks. That was a few too many and my husband's uncle took a dozen. A year and a half later, we are down to 10 chickens - we live in the woods and the hawks had a feast last year.

This particular rooster is marked for death. This guy attacks me every morning when I try to get in the car. He attacks me every afternoon when I get home. In fact, the little booger attacks me every time I walk outside my house. I am seriously going to beat this chicken to death one of these days, and then we'll have roast rooster for dinner. And I won't feel bad at all. They are, after all, a food source. But this stupid rooster is the sweetest thing to Dylan. Dylan just walks right up to him, grabs him up, and gives him hugs, carries him around, treats him like a best friend. I have no idea why this ridiculous bird hates me so much, but he is just darling for my son. Almost like he realizes that to attack the little one would mean instant death. Except he doesn't attack the two older boys either. He does attack my husband and my daughter, but not any of the boys. Huh... go figure.


~* Tracy *~ said...

I am sitting here at work (supposedly working) and trying very hard not to burst out laughing!! Quite some years ago, the people who I was living with had a goat... An evil goat who simply hated me and used to chase me around... Nasty creature would get off his rope and stand next to my car. I know he did it deliberately! I was petrified of that goat! Love that you called the naughty rooster a 'booger' ~ has me choking down a fit of giggles!
hugs, Tracy
PS. Your Dylan is a very beautiful boy

Sharon said...

I was rolling on the floor laughing about your animal stories.
I have an incubator and hatch chicks every school year in my classroom. The kids LOVE this project! However, we send them to the farm two weeks after they are hatched because I don't want to deal with them. This is the highlight of first grade. The picture of your son looks adorable with the rooster. Thanks for stopping by my blog!