Friday, July 6, 2007

Pictures with my new camera - COMMENT ON WOW!!! or BLOG JEWELS!! POST TO ENTER CONTEST

edit - because I wasn't very clear about where to post, I am going to accept comments from two posts for the contest (but only one comment for each person will count).

These are very basic, no special settings type of pictures. Trying to get my kids to sit still for pictures is pretty impossible. My kids are 22, 16, 14, and 3 (girl, boy, boy, boy). Only the 22 year old doesn't mind having her picture taken. The 16 year old is terribly shy. The 14 year old is into shock value and makes evil faces at the camera. The three year old, of course, moves too much to really get good shots. I sometimes get lucky!

Okay, these first two are really silly pictures. My three year old is a hoot. He is so funny, and he has the best sense of humor. Not many 3 year olds can pull off a joke like he can. Anyway, I aimed my camera at him, and this is what he did:

Now I need to apologize. First, because I have a very sick sense of humor and find this kind of thing to be so funny. It's even more funny because it was a spontaneous show of humor from my son who shares my idea of what's funny. Sad, but I am my inner child. The other apology is for how dirty Dylan's face is. He had eaten a burrito for supper, and he is not one to sit still for a washcloth to his face when he wants to be outside. I could have Photoshopped the dirt out, but then I figured, heck, he's three. Kids his age are supposed to have dirty faces.

This next picture is my daughter, Angela, sharing the nose-picking joke with Dylan. I probably should apologize again, but I won't. My kids get it honestly. They really do.

This last picture is of my 16 year old, Dustin, with Angela. The only reason he sat still for this picture is because Angela grabbed him and made him. This child is painfully shy, just like I was when I was his age. He usually turns beet red and puts his hands over his face when a camera is in his vicinity. Either that or he makes his "Franky" face - he can make a face that looks a whole lot like Frankenstein. His eyebrows furrow and he gets a ridge over his eyes, just like in the old movie. It's funny. He doesn't think so, and I keep trying to get a picture of it to show him, but again, he isn't seeing the humor.

I take most of the pictures in my house, so I don't really have pictures of me to put up. I am also camera shy. I hate seeing pictures of myself and I don't allow people to take pictures of me if I can help it. I also don't have any pictures of my 14 year old that I would be willing to post. He makes this awful face where he rolls his eyes up until you just see white. He has braces, and his eye teeth are in the roof of his mouth (he had to have surgery so they wouldn't have to be pulled through bone). So he looks very snake-like when his mouth is opened. So he makes this face - mouth open, eyes rolled up. Looks like a corpse. I often wonder why he's so into shocking people and making me say his name with that awful nasally tone moms get when their kids do something they just can't begin to understand. Sigh...


domenica said...

Congrats on the new camera! I am in DESPERATE need for one too!

~* Tracy *~ said...

You are having lots of fun with your new camera :) Love your little doodlebug, he's adorable! My little fellow simple abhors having his photo taken but I can't see why, coz I think he's gorgeous! LOL, that said, I really really really really hate having my picture taken!!!
hugs, Tracy

Patsy said...

Photos are memories that become works of art each time over the years they take you back to that precise moment.I'm glad you are enjoying your new camera and lovely family so much