Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Another night, another post

I can't believe how many nights now I've stayed up way too late, only to have to wake up a few hours later to go to work. Tonight, I decided to mess with a few of my fabric ATCs for the ART class online. I didn't finish. I did, however, finish the popsicle sticks for swap. I thought maybe y'all would like to see them, see what had me pulling my hair out for so long.

I also have been working with a Technique Junkie technique called Scraped Oil Pastels. Using oil pastels, a credit card, and rubbing lightly at the end with baby oil. Sounds simple, right? OH NOOOOOO, not for me! I've tried four techniques with those oil pastels. I've gotten nowhere. My daughter made something tonight, though, that I can use, so it isn't a total wash.

I need to get to sleep. Work tomorrow. Again. Lots of wrath, had some trouble with an install of antispam on our servers (very complicated front end network load balanced servers with a backend active/active/passive cluster. Erg. Nothing more to say about it.


~* Tracy *~ said...

Aww, your popsicle sticks came out really neat!!

Tami said...

You have taken popsicle stick art to a new level. Fabulous.

mum on the run said...

They look amazing!

Pattyjo said...

Those are darling! You outdid yourself again!

Aunt T said...

I just love these. Great job.