Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Fairy Card

Michele, thank you for the beautiful fairy images. I finished my first of four. I used purples and blues for this. I want to make a pink/orange, a yellow/green, and a green/blue one. I love this image so much!!

I used Prismacolor NuPastel sticks, which aren't the easiest to color with when one is used to pencils with points. They are truly just square sticks of pastels. Beautiful colors, but just sticks. I love them, though, and can't wait to find some soft pastels I want to try. I love chalks. They are vibrant, but not harsh. I did this in three layers of color. I did the basic colors on the card, then erased the mistakes with a pencil eraser (that easy, believe it or not). I sprayed workable fixative, and when it dried, I added some of the shading. Sprayed again, and added the sparkles on the wings and the butterflies with a Sakura Stardust pen. I'm looking at the picture and noticing the flowers are crooked. I overfixed them. I did have them pretty straight, but the I got obsessed with it and over did the fix. Oh well, they're on snot dots. I can readjust them!

Michele, I really appreciate the image swap. If you ever see anything on this blog you want some of, or hear me talking about (hear? write?), just let me know. I am just dying to go play some more with the images. I love this fairy so, so much!! I don't think my coloring is as pretty or as refined as yours (you are amazing with the Copics - which I don't have), but I'm okay with pastels and I'm thrilled with how bright the image is!

Today is Travis's 15th birthday. He's 6'1" tall, which is a full foot taller than I am. When he hugged me for the present, he literally had to bend way over to do it. It is so funny to see how tall my boys are. They grow up so fast.


Crafty in Calgary said...

What a beautiful card- this is such a nice look with all of the detail work!

chelemom said...

You are soooo very welcome! You did an amazing job on her! I am hopefully going to play with some of the images you sent me! You are short like me....I knew I liked you! My hubby is 6 ft 4 and I am only 5 ft 3 inches tall. So we look rather silly in photos!