Sunday, August 12, 2007

Moving right along

I'm almost done with my popsicle sticks! I think I'm going to like what I made, but my attempts are still much more childish than what I've seen from the other women. I guess it makes sense. I'm pretty childish too.

Here's a card I finished sometime ago. Not sure when. The stamps are all The Angel Company (including the cut out butterfly). I used a home made color wash to make the background. I put 91% rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle, added reinkers to them until I got a color I liked, and then I sprayed on glossy cardstock. The ink I used was from SU! - Vintage Violet, True Thyme, and Buckaroo Blue. I sprayed the VV first, let it run and dry a little bit, then followed with TT, and finally with BB. I let the paper dry all night, and the next day, I had a really neat background. I wasn't sure when it was wet that it would turn out well, but it did. I embossed drywall tape to make the mesh embellishment. The base paper is SU! True Thyme, and the layers under the flower are a purple color, but not Vintage Violet (the color wash dried much lighter than VV is), and the blue layer is Buckaroo Blue. I used a corner slit punch from SU! I stamped the butterfly and cut it out. Simple enough. I really loved last year's in colors. I have yet to buy any of this year's. I am trying so hard to be good and use some of my massive amounts of stuff before I go crazy with the new stuff!

Now here's a picture to make you cringe. This is my dining room table at midnight last night. I try so hard to clean it up every day, but it never fails, by Saturday night, this is what it looks like. At the risk of my husband finding out what my strategy is, I will tell you that I use my dining room table because I figure if I keep my mess neatly in the room, I will never, ever be able to convince him I need my own craft room. I don't think he reads my blog, though, so I guess I can tell you why my table looks this way. It's amazing, isn't it? Those are just projects from this week - the popsicle sticks on the right side, the styrofoam balls on the left. At the back is all the stamp sets and papers and inks and paints I've been using. I look at this and wonder why I don't have more to show for this incredible mess. Oh well. It's fun. That's all that matters, right?


Pattyjo said...

That is a beautiful card! I love Butterfly cards! You know he might surprise you someday with a room for your stamping...mine did me!

chelemom said...

Very pretty card! I sent your images.....FINALLY! I am keeping your address to send you another round...soon. Let me know what you'd like!