Monday, August 13, 2007

Some great gifts!

Michele Kovak, Thoughts of a Cardmaking Scrapbooker! responded to my request to swap a few images with such kindness. She has some fairy stamps that I wanted so badly, badly enough to be shameless and ask. I received the images today. WOW!!

First of all, let me point out that gorgeous card in the lower left. It's copper - REAL copper. All of the layering that looks like it's copper really is. It's been cuttlebugged and it is so stunning. Shiny, orange ribbon, wow, wow, wow! I love this card, and the coffee grinder image. It's so me. Perfect. Now, look at all the images!! She sent me a lot of different images - a baby image, a neat turtle image, a cow, along with others that I can't wait to play with! I also found two halloween stamps - one is a cauldron!! For all of you who know me personally, you know what a witch I am. Is that not the most perfect stamp for me? I also got some ribbon and a clear stamp! It was like Christmas here today and now I get to play!!

Here's another picture of one of our chicks. They're beginning to lose their fuzziness and are getting real feathers on their wings. Sad, because that fuzzy stage is when they're the most adorable. This little thing was not happy to be posing. Travis brought h** in the house, risking bodily harm taking it away from its mama. And, boy, did this thing make NOISE! But isn't it cute? I keep expecting to find fewer of them than there are. Hawks, cats, weasels, whatever predators are around, these little things make a great snack. Their mom's are doing a lot of protecting, I'm sure, and they stay very close to her and to our house. Do you know how much poop chickens produce on a daily basis? It's phenomenal.

So, THANK YOU, Michele!! I am so thankful to have found an addiction with such nice people to share it. I can't wait to make yet another mess. One of those fairies is just crying to be colored with pastels! Off to play!


chelemom said...

You are so very welcome!!! Can't wait to see your interpretation of that fairy stamp! LEt me know if you need more of that one!

ktstamps said...

I love your blog page. You are just incredible. I love the stories about your chicks. How great is that! I admire you so much! Thank you for being in my life! kt

P.S. I am ready for that banner lesson! :)

Melissa M.M.M. said...

That camera-shy chick is SO cute. Your post is so well written; it made me laugh out loud. Had to read it to my boyfriend (his parents have chickens too, but no rooster so no chicks...)