Thursday, August 2, 2007

Thank you card

I made this card awhile ago. I can't remember the paper colors, but the stamps are from TAC. The butterfly is embossed in black and painted with twinkling H20s. The butterfly is very brilliant, which I really like - a bright focal point.

I have been kind of laid out by a migraine the last few days, so my creativity took a dive. I feel like I've been lost, not stamping or making anything. I did finish Tracy's throw, and will be shipping it off to her by the weekend. I can't wait to hear what she thinks! Thank you, Tracy, for being willing to trade projects. Because of you, I got interested in crocheting again and bought some other yarns to make a few more projects. Don't know what exactly, yet.

Here is a picture of my son's pet (one of them). He has two rats, Shadow and Smoky. I got a good picture of Smoky. For those of you who shudder at the thought of a pet rat (hello, Mom!), they really are great pets. They are smarter than dogs, friendlier than cats, and they don't shed or make a big mess all over the place. They do have relatively short life spans, though Smoky and Shadow are two years old now. They aren't dirty animals, contrary to what a lot of people think. I fell in love with rodents when I was a child, almost killing my mother by bringing home a guinea pig and causing her to have a serious allergic reaction. We keep the rats in my son's room now, so my mom doesn't have to worry when she comes over that she'll see them and get the shudders. Anyway, here's a picture of Smoky. She's very sweet, but will nibble fingers if they're stuck into her cage. Out of her cage, she would never think to bite.

The bright light of the flash freaked her out a little bit. Sorry about that, Smoky! I tried to get a good picture of my son, but he's such a snot when I get the camera out. He put his hands over his face, told me he hates having his picture taken, and then closed his eyes. Geesh, kids! Who knew they'd be so headstrong and stubborn?


domenica said...

What a beautiful card, I love the butterfly!

stampingranny said...

The butterfly is just stunning! Not quite sure about your pet rat! You are brave, I would freak! I certainly hope your migrane's pass, they are overwhelming! Take care. Deb

Lynn Mercurio said...

That's too funny about your son. My DH is the same way. I had so many pictures of him with his hand in front of his face that I made a mini-scrapbook of all the pictures of him taken that way. Now it's a big joke. Love your're very creative.

~* Tracy *~ said...

Love the flutterby :) Very beautiful.
Not sure about that lil rat... I was bitten by someones pet rat some years ago and have been a bit shy of them since!
I'm just in the process of packing your wrap up right now and I'm going to post it on Monday.
hugs, Tracy