Saturday, November 8, 2008

Been a long time

I know it's been a month. It's been a long, difficult month here. I'm not sure the next few are going to be any easier. Sometimes things just suck. Now is one of those times.

I made a few cards for SSReflections ezine that I'd like to share here. All of them were for the Starform Stickers challenge, and all used Elan Metallics from WorldWin Papers (this is some awesome paper).

This card is a thank you card I made for the HR person at the job I start in December. I know this poor woman is going to have a lot of work to do to get everything ready, and she is going to have to put up with me and some really dumb questions. So I thought I'd butter her up before I drive her nuts. Okay, not really butter her up. I did want to say thank you to her, though.

The image and the sentiment are SU! I dry embossed the pink paper, called Petal, which is really feminine and pretty, and very unlike most of what I do. The stickers are so detailed, I had to make something feminine. The other paper colors are Obsidian and Pewter. I really like the Elan Metallics. The colors are so rich. I had a hard time choosing just three for a card.

This is a sympathy card. I really hope I don't have to use this card for a long time. The stickers are falling stars. It seemed fitting to me. I stamped with Adirondack pigment ink, Snow Cap, and colored over the image with Prismacolor markers and Glaze pens.

I haven't done much else in terms of creating since the beginning of October. I used to have to create every day, or I would feel lost. Since my mother in law's death, I've not had any creative pull whatsoever. I'm really hoping this passes soon. I miss playing.


Velta said...

Hey Girl...Glad to see you back again. These cards are stunningly elegant! Looks to me like you have still got it. Get back in there cause I miss your work!!!

tangled stitch said...

Oh Michelle. I am so sorry. I have been just barely checking in to my blog. So sorry to hear of your loss. Hope all are well and prayers and blessings to you and your family.

ktstamps said...

Michelle just wanted to wish you a Happy Holiday and A FABULOUS NEW YEAR! New Job! WOW, where are you working? I started back to school and so far life is great. I have this cold that I just can't shake but Life is great! I am working hard and stamping little. I am coaching 3 sports and as you know...I am tired after that. Fill me in GF! kt
later, gator! :)