Sunday, July 25, 2010

Design team contest

I've decided to enter a contest to try to be on the design team for Altered Pages.

The challenge for week one was to create something with playing cards. This is my finished project. It's called Birds of a Feather. When I think of playing cards I think of the fun I used to have at my grandma's house. Everyone played Pinochle. All the time. The uncles, the aunts, and the cousins (as soon as we were old enough to understand the rules and play). It was a constant on Sundays, and I miss those days, and my grandmother, a lot.

So in the spirit of the fun we used to have playing cards at my grandma's house, I made these cards as fun as I could. One of the collage sheets, Kooky Characters, jumped out at me because they are just so strange. Here are close ups of two of the cards.

See the kooky guys sticking out of the nests?

I had fun making these. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the finished project now that I've sent the pictures off to be judged. I guess I'll just sit it on my buffet and look at it and think of my grandma.

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Peggy B said...

Great way to display ATCs!!! I love it!! I am always wondering about how to display our mixed media art. It is a quirk with me to know what to do with something before I make it...I need that to inspire me. And so I love how displayed those Bird ATC cards. Bravo!!!!