Monday, July 5, 2010

Framed Jewels

My latest project. I saw some mixed media objects made with this stuff called ICE Resin. It is gorgeous stuff, but doesn't smell like epoxy resin, something I tried two years ago and quickly abandoned because the items I made smelled for months.

I wanted to make some framed jewels, using images from Altered Pages and some jewelry findings I purchased somewhere online. I cut out the images and fit them into my "frames", then poured the ICE Resin over the images. I had some left over, and since it's only good for 45 minutes, I added some Pearl Ex and poured two frames to break up the framed images. I waited a day and poured more resin over them to make them domed. A few hours in a warm toaster oven (specifically for crafts - do NOT put this stuff on or in anything you use for food) and I got some beautiful vintage-like pictures that I stuck to ribbon.

I grabbed an old frame, covered the backing with sheet music and designer paper, then glued tea dyed lace over that. Attached my ribbon of framed jewels to it and voila! All done. I suggest you click on this image and see a larger view to really get what the resin does.


Serra55 said...

WOW, Michelle! It's just beautiful. I admire your work.

Sally B.
Baltimore, MD

Michele said...

So glad you posted! I keep checkin' in on ya....but you've been so quiet! Love the framed jewels! Hope all is ok with you!