Sunday, January 1, 2012

4 x 4 Canvas board and other stuff

I've been busy making stuff. Lots of stuff. I don't have pictures of all the stuff I've made because the computer with the pictures got a virus. That lovely virus that sits behind ads and waits for you to not be looking, then pops up and says Windows Vista 2012 (or whatever OS you're using in whatever year it is) Security something or other. I left my laptop online while I went to get a massage and came back to an infection, so now I'm using my son's desktop. Not many pictures here.

But I do have one. I made this canvas for Altered Pages.

As a design team member at Altered Pages, I have access to tons of gorgeous images as well as the talent of the rest of the team. And Jean's support is phenomenal. She gave us an idea - time - and this is what I made.

It's titled "Time Flies". It's for sale as a kit here Time Flies, Altered Pages. I don't get a commission or anything, but I do get a very special thrill knowing something I made is being packaged and offered to others. It's such a high, and one that never seems to fade no matter how often I see something I made on someone else's site.

So, that's my latest creation. Not much else to show since I have to fix my laptop to get the other pictures. Hope you have a wonderful new year!!

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Karen said...

I am the lucky receiver of this 4x4 canvas. Thank you a bunches. I really love it!