Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Art in Nature

We were outside tonight, Dustin, Dylan, and I, looking up at Jupiter and Venus. They are shining very brightly in the sky, making the stars look dim and dull by comparison. They were two points of beautiful light in the sky.

I decided to try to take a picture, expecting a big blur, but I had to try anyway. What I got was pretty cool. I used Dustin as a tripod. He's 21. He's 5'9" tall. If he could have held still, he would have been perfect, but he couldn't and this is what I captured.

These are the exact images. I have them at higher res on my card so I can see how squiggly the lines are, but those are the entire images. Not cropped or otherwise changed. The shutter was open for a good twenty seconds at least. I think this is really neat. 

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Cherie said...

They're pretty awesome photos! I think Dustin, as a tripod, enhanced the outcome of the photos!Perfect is overrated, lol!