Thursday, January 3, 2008

Awake again

It's 2 am, and I'm again awake. I really wish I could sleep at night. Laurie, it appears the alcohol inks with the tar gel will work. I had a thin "finger" sticking out from the main circle of gel that has dried and is exactly the same. I made mine with Wild Plum. It's very bright.

I'm trying to figure out what to play with next. Anyone have ideas? Anyone have anything they've seen that you thought "Looks neat, wonder what I'd do with it?" I'm going to play with my garnet gel. I think that could be very interesting, but I'd like some other ideas. I need something to do late at night when everyone else is sleeping and I'm sitting here wondering what else I can play with!

Good night, everyone.


Rosella said...

Good morning Michelle! Sorry to hear you couldn't sleep. I think your brain is just working to hard with all your creations.

chelemom said...

You got stuff on your mind lady? You can do what I stuff on the internet! (Ok NOT really a good idea......)

TraciB said...

Boy oh boy, you are a crafty thing aren't you? I think I found this link in my homeschoolers emails... are you a homeschooler?
Great blog with lots of fun stuff going on. Come over and visit me sometime too!

Lori J said...

Michelle, sorry you are not having any luck sleeping. You may want to try something that has helped my husband with his insomnia. It is made by Hylands and is called Insomnia. You can get it at the natural food stores in the vitamins section.

tangled stitch said...

You made me giggle. I sometimes keep myself up at night trying to forget some idea. So is it easier to get back to sleep if you get up and do it?