Friday, January 4, 2008

Favor to ask

I have a favor to ask. I know so many of you have sent me well wishes for my mother in law, and so many are praying and sending love and light. She walked yesterday for the first time in months!! Three days ago, her legs wouldn't move. Yesterday, she took eight steps!

I know the prayers and stuff are working. And I know that the day before yesterday, when we were there, her spirits were incredibly high. I think the mind creates the energy, positive or negative, that heals us or hurts us. With enough positive energy within her, I believe she would heal much more quickly, so here's my favor. Would you be willing to send her a card? I would appreciate it so much, and I know she would be stunned. She is always so in awe of all the cards I make her, so I know she'd love the cards you guys can make!

Her address is:

Shirley Weaver
Rm 224
450 Waupelani Dr.
State College, PA 16801

Thank you!


chelemom said...

A card will be on its way soon!

Stampin' Meg said...

One happy hedge hog card addressed and ready to go out with todays mail!

morningDove said...

i will send Shirley a card too.