Monday, July 28, 2008

Let's start with a card

My mom has been hinting, not quite subtly, that I've not posted anything on my blog in awhile. I've been doing lots of stuff, but I've been really scattered and not at all together enough to take pictures and post. I get this way sometimes, just out of sorts for no good reason. Especially when I'm learning something new at work and especially when the learning isn't going well. That has been the last few weeks. All of it. I finally found that perhaps the problem wasn't with me, but was rather an issue with the product I was trying to package. It's still frustrating, but hey, who says life shouldn't be frustrating?

Let's start with a card, as the title suggests. My aunt's father recently passed away. With the recent death of my father in law, I really feel bad for her. Her father was older, had been sick for awhile, and they are sure he's in a better place waiting for them to arrive. And while all of that is most certainly true, I don't think it really makes the aching heart any less painful. I'm so sorry that anyone has to go through this pain. I know it happens every day, but it still makes me sad.

This card is an SU! image, colored with Prismacolor markers (I'm finally figuring those buggers out!). It's very simple, because I don't think death calls for an ornate card. I know the ones that I loved the most from my father in law's passing were the very simple ones. Colors are Marigold Morning and the blue from that year. Dang, can't remember the name. It's SU!'s designer color from 2006-07. Buckaroo Blue! Ha, glad I got that because it would have driven me nuts all day.

And this is my Brandy-girl. Or at least her eyes. She's incredibly camera shy and when I point my camera at her, she starts looking around to see how she can escape. Unlike her ditzy sister, Lacey, who looks straight at me when I try to get a picture. Brandy is almost seven years old. Danes' life spans are around 8 years. She is starting to show her age. I was looking at her eyes yesterday as I sat on our deck looking at the cows next door. Her eyes look so sad. They've always had this very sad look to them.

So there you go, Mom. A post on my blog. Just for you. :o) We're heading to our favorite amusement park today. It was calling for rain in the afternoon, but now it looks like it might be a nice day all day! I'm excited. Dylan hasn't been to the park since he was two and he's going to have so much fun there today. He was playing "carnival day" all day yesterday, getting ready for handing tickets over to the people running the rides. He's such a funny kid. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!


chelemom said...

I wanted to check in with you to see what you were up to. I am glad you have been creating! If you get a chance give me a call this week during the day.....we have so much to catch up on!

Crafty in Calgary said...

Glad to see you are in action! Beautiful card! And, I can so relate to getting busy and not bloggin! :)

Stampin' Meg said...

pssst- don't tell Mom but I read it and enjoyed it too!