Saturday, August 9, 2008

Short update

My mother in law is back in the hospital and the outcome won't be positive for us. She will be having a fabulous ending to her story and I think she's more than ready to be finished with this world. I appreciate the many, many prayers people have been saying for her, all the light and energy people have sent to her. I'm convinced that she has lived this long because of everything people have done on her behalf. Well, that and her incredibly strong will.

If you have more prayers left, please pray for a calm and peaceful time for her before she passes. For no more suffering from this awful condition, and that her family will be able to move on and find peace too. Oh, and if you smoke, quit. If you work with caustic chemicals, pesticides, or other things that can cause lung damage, wear the appropriate protection. Dying from the inability to breathe has to be one of the most awful ways to die. You can't completely eradicate the panic of being unable to catch your breath and it looks like a long, painful drowning. Take care of your lungs. They're REALLY important. That whole breathing in and out thing is so undervalued.

Thanks for everything you have done to support me through this! All the hugs have been much appreciated.


Moonwillow said...

I will say a few for you and your family. (((hugs)))

morningDove said...

i will pray for peace for you and MIL too. I know death has hit hard around me lately. It is devastating even when they are ready.